Friday, February 21, 2014

Giggles and Smiles on a Come n Go Snow Day

My newspaper box in winter 2010--one of the worst snowy winters in Omaha. 

Yesterday I drove to work at 6:30 a.m. to work on a project requiring numbers.
Dark morning.
Dry streets.
No problems.
About 8 ish someone walked in the door. 
“Wow, is that a crazy snow.”
 I don’t drive in snow.
Well rarely do I drive in snow.
But already hard at work and with an appointment for a haircut 
after work, I stayed put.

Later, when I parked my car in front of Hair Masters a guy yelled at me. 
Scared me, he did.

I looked up—I’m sure my startled look screamed “fear.”

“Isn’t it great,” he said.


“The snow.” He pointed at the slush I stood in. “It came and went. I love it.” His grin brought a smile to my face. 

Yes, I like snow that comes and goes. We need moisture, and the slush of the afternoon meant no problems getting around.

Funny how a man’s voice in a parking lot could bring an instant uneasiness, but then in today’s world, one never knows what might happen in a parking lot.

I like the Come n Go Snow, smiles and giggles idea better than being mugged, don’t you?

Today is sunny and I’m definitely looking forward to spring and the beauty and the smell of flowers. Umhum.
Flowers in downtown Eugene, OR mall