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Luke and Mook 2007

In December 2002 when husband was diagnosed with Pseudomyxoma Peritonei (PMP), doctors gave us no hope. No medicines, no clinical trials, no specialists to call.
One doctor said, “Three days, three weeks, three months—we don’t know.” Our family doctor told me, “I don’t think Gary will make it through the weekend.”
Our family flew in from Oregon, Gary rallied. The doctors released him to come home. Every day for ten months I worried I’d find him dead when I returned home, or he’d die in our bed.
He didn’t die, but I made myself sick with anxiety. In October, all those months later, I prayed, “Lord, I can’t do this anymore. I give him to you. He’s totally yours. If he lives or dies, Gary is yours.”  That day I found the words to the old hymn, “I Surrender All.” I sang the hymn over and over again. That day I also decided I needed to be stronger. That’s the day I became the LIONHEARTED KAT.
At one point I had 33 lions in my cubicle at work—the shelves were a bit crowded. When we finally found Dr. Brian Loggie at Creighton Medical Center and I met many PMP patients from all over the US and other countries, I started sharing those lions as hope for others.

You’ll find many of those stories on 
Also, life stories, interviews, book reviews and humor.

This Lion looks like me. Choosing to close
myself off  from the world some days. 

After my breast cancer diagnosis, I said, “Well, if I have to go through breast cancer, this journey can’t be about me, it must be about others and selling my book, ‘Capsules of Hope: Survival Guide for Caregivers.’ It’s about all those I’ll meet in every doctor’s office, patients and staff.”

Being big and brave, I started my journal on caringbridge. If you begin on page one, (find the button that says oldest to newest or newest to oldest) you’ll see I requested prayer many times. I also share what I’learned with each day.
·         Questions to ask the doctor
·         The different types of breast cancer
·         How breast cancer gave me opportunities to talk with others.
·         Even the humorous events

But then life changed again.
I felt like a beat up Lionhearted Kat when husband died. (Savannah 2012)
The day before Thanksgiving, November 25, 2009 husband died suddenly.
Caringbridge became my journal through breast cancer and grief
—a survival tool.
My readers became my prayer support and strength. 
I praise the Lord for the journey and if you stop by to read it, may it help you, too.

Jill Hart helped build More Than a Caregiver. The lion and Kat slideshow impressed me, but when chemotherapy left me bald, I knew if my hair returned, I’d never dye it again. 

Today my hair is gray and I don’t wear glasses. Although the website is dated, you’ll find:
      readable devotions,
      materials for writers
      And caregiving tips.

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