Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Southern Neighbors--Mexican Prisoners

Pastor Tom breaking cement bricks

Where are your neighbors? According to Pastor Tom Flaskerud and the Freedom Team, they are the inmates in the Mexican prisons.

Pastor Tom: Yesterday in our meeting with the Prison Director an agreement was reached to give us time for our full Prison Power Explosion presentation. During our meeting everything was flowing very well including Pastor Moises leading the Prison Director (Warden) in a prayer to receive Jesus Christ.

“However, remember, we are in Mexico and must be ‘flexico’. When we arrived at the prison today the Commadante came out to meet us with his security officers to escort us into the prison. Changes had been made to our presentation, the amount of equipment we could bring in, and the amount of time we had that was in direct opposition to what the Director had agreed to.”

Tom said they were guessing at why the changes were made, but he didn’t think the Prison Director knew about them. And then Tom added, “The good news is when you remain ‘flexible’ in God’s hand and only want His will to be done He will accomplish whatever He desires no matter what may occur.”
Joe Olinger--Power Lifter 

He said they shared the fastest and shortest Prison Power Explosion and message of the Cross they’d ever done. But at the conclusion, 175 inmates were heard praying and asking God to forgive their sins and inviting Jesus Christ into their lives. When the decision cards were counted 116 indicated a first time acceptance of Christ, 44 rededicated their lives to Christ, and 15 others indicated ‘other commitment’. All of these men were between the ages of 20 and 57 years old.

But that didn’t finish the Freedom Teams trip to Mexico. They went next to the Guadalajara Intake Prison.

Pastor Tom: “We were processed into the prison after much confusion. We were late getting started and found out that our time slot was shorter than we anticipated. But remember we are in “Flexico” and can work with most situations. After a fast introduction and music the Team accelerated the program and completed 2/3rds of what we usually do when we were told that we need to stop as our time had been shortened even more.”

In the past the prisons have given the Freedom Team more time. Once again God came through with His plan. Just when the team was asked to stop, the Prison Director (Warden) came into that yard surrounded by his security officers. He walked to the front and sat by his officers. He wanted to see what the Freedom Team was all about.
“God’s grace and favor is always far beyond us,” Pastor Tom said. “We finished our Power Explosion just like we always have and God blessed as 33 men received Jesus Christ for the first time and 15 others rededicated their lives to Christ. The decision cards were left with the pastors who minister inside the prison for the discipleship and nurturing of these new believers.”
The Freedom Team

The Freedom Team asked for prayer as they explore the possibility of going back to our “Neighbors to the South” later this year. They are hoping to go through the prison system in Jalisco State. 

The Semi becomes the Power Explosion Stage 
And the question I ask, "Who are your neighbors? What are you doing to share Christ with them?"