Thursday, September 18, 2014

Rachel Skatvold, A Lionhearted Author Born in a Workshop

“Beauty Within” is the first novella in the three part Riley Family Legacy Series, set to be released the second week of October. (Full Interview.)

Two years ago the author, Rachel Skatvold sat on a folding chair in a writer’s workshop looking like a frightened teenager rather than a wife and mother.  Some might have described her as quiet and unassuming, but her eyes revealed a timidity I recognized—a deep centered fear carried over from childhood.

In the workshop God spoke to Rachel’s heart. That night after prayer she realized she had value and worth. What caused a change in Rachel's life? 

Get Lionhearted Hungry

(Not Lionhearted fearfilled) 

Look at your experience and ask yourself these questions: 

Ø  When did I first question my ability?  

Ø   Did you ever feel this way before, like when trying something else?

Ø  Have you faced rejection before and felt beat up for a long period of time?

Ø  Where were you the first time you felt this fear? At school when you wanted to talk with a teacher about your writing but the teacher or another student made fun of your desire to use your talent?

Ø  Finally: How did you conquer your fear? (Talk to God, read scripture, call a friend, join other writers and discuss your feelings? Sit at your computer and keep writing?) 

Why is the story above important? Every author needs encouragment. Friendship with other authors and where better to find all that and more than at a writer's conference. Wordsowers Christian Writers are about to announce the 2015 conference. Check it out.  

Kat Crawford,  is one of the Wordsowers Leadership Team