Thursday, February 5, 2015

Merry Christmas to All and a Great New Year

Can’t believe we have a snow free December. Oh, we had what Dad called a skiff of snow, but not enough to create a snowman. Along with no snow, Christmas will be different this year. Simple. Savannah will spend the day with Grandma (read on to find out why.)

It’s been a very good year. In December 2013 my eye doctor, Dr. Patti Fries at UNMC fitted me with wonderful
contacts. I tell you, to go from not seeing well to having 20/25 vision, being able to drive in the rain, the snow and even at night seemed like a Christmas miracle.

I’m one of the Leadership Team for Wordsowers Christian Writers. We held our second conference in March. Phil and Pam Morgan were our keynote speakers. Stephanie Grace Whitson is our keynote speaker for our 2015 conference.

In April I flew to Oregon where I spent fab time with family in Eugene and Medford. Creating Memories for Disabled Children  I've written stories about Creating Memories also with photos of the cabins at Ashley's Park.
I also met made new friends. Enoch Stalcup and his mother Angel drove from Estacada to meet me. Enoch created the website for

On June 8th I shared in our worship service, “I read the Prayer of Jabez
once more and feel I am challenged to broaden my ministry.” The next day I saw Dr. Fries again—my world shrunk. The doctor took away my wonderful contacts. The right one had rubbed on my cornea transplant.  Read more about transplants here

Battled poison ivy this summer...worst ever. Flew to Oregon (still had PI blisters) for the Leaton Family Reunion, time with family and had breakfast with the 1959 Alumni. Spent almost a month there.

In September two friends from church, Reta and JoAn flew with me to Oahu, Hawii. We stayed with another friend from our church Hazel and her daughter. Jeanie. What an awesome ten days