Sunday, June 26, 2016

My New Life with Rocky Balboa Crawford

 I figured out this week I must live for 200 years to get every fun thing I want to enjoy finished before I die. Yikes.

For those of you behind in the Lionhearted Kat world, I am the proud Mom of an eleven month old puppy. For those who know me well, you understand that after our Paddy dog died I said, “No more dogs ever again.” Well this is all Savannah’s fault and yes, she said I could blame her.

Our neighbors brought home a puppy on May 9, 2015. They housebroke him, trained him quite well and then needed him out of their crowded house. The young man asked me if Savannah might want their “Buddy.” Nope. That isn’t possible, she already has Snookie dog.

I texted Savannah. Do I want Buddy? She texted, “Yes, yes, yes.” And continued to text me until I said I’d pray about another dog in my house. I’m not sure what the Lord said, but I finally said, “I’ll keep the dog overnight and see what happens.”

We neither one slept, but one night isn’t enough to try anything. By the second day I fell in love with the big black German Shepherd/Border Collie mix almost bigger than me. Daughter Marcy saw a photo and said, “If Dad were here, he’d name him Rocky.” So now Rocky Balboa Crawford and me are totally bonded and in love forever.

I told the neighbors, “I’m not sure if you owe me because I took your dog or if I owe you. You raised this puppy through the worst of the worst and I now am enjoying Rocky. He’s such good company.”

If you are interested in the rest of the dog story and my life full of fun, stop back again. I’ll share how God has blessed me over and over again.

Still Lionhearted, Kat 
Rocky Balboa Crawford
German Shepher/Border Collie Mix 

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  1. God does things like this because He wants us to be safe and protected. Enjoy this gift from God.