Friday, July 1, 2016

Unforgiveness grows like the Kudza Vine

These story telling moments are not perfection, they are meant for me to share with you—heart to heart. Like if you were sitting in my living room. Well, actually, we’d probably sit on the glassed in front porch or my enclosed deck with a wonderful patio table, chairs and umbrella.

Kudza covering my trees while
I partied in Hawaii. 
I mentioned my tear filled day a few days ago. It truly happened because someone overheard their name mentioned and asked another person what I said. It all grew huge like Kudza vine that covers my trees in ten days or less. 

At my age I know better than to say the name of someone if I haven’t said what I plan to say to that person—does that make sense? Hope so. I’m in a hurry. But fact is I did speak without thinking about how my words could hurt.

If you don't know about Kudza, it takes over whole yards and houses if left alone. Well, I didn’t know if anyone knew anything about anything about what I said, but I knew I knew and I better stop the vine before it covered my friend. 

On the tear jerker day I tried to talk one on one with her. It didn’t turn out well. I prayed, cried and felt bad all weekend.

The next week I asked one of the powers that be to listen in while I spoke with my friend. I apologized and asked forgiveness. My once good friend spilled her anger. The anger steamed, but I could also see the pain and hurt I’d caused her. She finally said, “I just don’t know what to do about it.”

The wise man, the powers that be person said, “When my wife and I disagree and can’t find an answer, we stop and say, 'Can we just start over.'" He looked at both of us. “I can see how you are both right and both wrong, but you are kindred spirits, believers in the Lord.”

My friend said she’d felt miserable all weekend and agreed scrub the Kudza at the roots and start our friendship over- to forgive and go forward. She hugged me. We both cried.

The Lord’s Prayer talks about forgiveness. The Message Bible says, Keep us forgiven with you and forgiving others. Keep us forgiven with you and forgiving others.  Matthew 6:12

The good news is, neither of us let this fester into a vine seeking to destroy us. e both knew we needed to pray and seek God’s guidance. You know forgiveness is such a big load lifter. 

Still Lionhearted, Kat
PS In 2010 I flew to Oregon with my mother. Kudza vine covered every bit of fence around my house. I paid Savannah and her friend to pull the vines down. They tagged it "The Devil Vine." Good analogy, huh? 

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