Wordsowers Keynote Speakers for Conference 2014
Phil and Pam Morgan keynote 2014

HACWN Writers Conference 2013

New Friends at HACWN 2013
Troy from Focus on the Family 

Ardy the HACWN newsletter Lady and me

Dr. Patti Fries, my eye doctor at UNMC and me

Pretty in Pink. 
The wonderful hat covers 
my bald head. 
Winter 2009
 Give yourself a gift.

Bravada Wigs gifted me this glorious wig for speaking at their store. 

I wore my pink wig to many chemo and radiation therapy sessions. I became known as the lady in pink.

You can be miserable during cancer treatment or you can choose to create smiles for those who are treating you and others who are in treatment.

I felt every smile I gave, 
became a gift back to me. 

My hair started to grow in again in the spring 2010

“It’s miserable with a wig,” I complained one day. “I’m so hot.”
“Mom, you look good without hair,” daughter Marcy said.
So I braved the storm and did the natural thing. 

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